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01.01 Nouvelle Année / New Year 
10.04 Lundi de Paques / Easter Monday

01.05 Fete du Travail / Laborday

09.05 Fete de l'Europe / Europe day

18.05 Ascension / Ascension

29.05 Lundi de Pentecote / Pentecost

23.06 Fete Nationale / National Day

31.07 - 21.08 Summer Break

01.11 La Toussaint / All Saints Day

24.12  Veille de Noël / Christmas Eve

25.12 Noël / Christmas

26.12 St Etienne / Christmas

31.12 St. Sylvestre / New Years Eve





Centre sportif René-Hartmann

Rue René Hartmann

(ancienne rue Nic. Biever)

L-3425 Dudelange



Tél.: 00352 516 121 - 526




We are the climbing club D-Summit.

Our gym has a complete offer for a varied practice. We warmly invite all those who whish to learn about climbing or to develop their level.

For this purpose, we provide you with a climbing wall to climb in top-rope or lead as well as a bouldering structure.

We also have a Moonboard so you can train hard and climb harder.


The wall

  • 14,5 meters high
  • 31 ropes
  • Over 60 routes 


Climbing on the wall

To practice climbing it is necessary to be in bînome and to have the adequate equipment (harness, belayer and slippers). It is imperative to fully master belay techniques. If you have never practiced climbing and you have questions about belaying, you can register for a initiation session.



The boulder is characterized by the low height of the structure to be climbed. This activity can be practiced alone because it is not necessary to be assured by a pair. It consists of a short sequence of movements that focus on power, strength and dynamics. 



  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • All minors must present a parental authorization which is distributed to you at the reception of our room. 
  • Whether you are able to climb the rope wall in the lead or with a top rope depends on the user's declared degree of autonomy.


For more information, refer to the internal regulations available at the reception of our gym.


Find us:

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