01.01 Nouvelle Année / New Year 

10.04 Lundi de Paques / Easter Monday

01.05 Fete du Travail / Laborday

09.05 Fete de l'Europe / Europe day

18.05 Ascension / Ascension

29.05 Lundi de Pentecote / Pentecost

23.06 Fete Nationale / National Day

15.08 Assomption / Assumption Day

01.11 La Toussaint / All Saints Day

24.12  Veille de Noël / Christmas Eve

25.12 Noël / Christmas

26.12 St Etienne / Christmas

31.12 St. Sylvestre / New Years Eve





Centre sportif René-Hartmann

Rue René Hartmann

(ancienne rue Nic. Biever)

L-3425 Dudelange



Tél.: 00352 516 121 - 526




  • Is it mandatory to become a member of D-Summit to climb?

Yes, it is. A membership is for one calendar year.  Here more information how to become a member.

  • Can everyone become a member of D-Summit?

Yes, everyone can become a member of D-Summit. There are no limitations on age.

  • Does every adult person need to have his own membership and Beta Climbing account?

Yes. This account is your digital signature that shows you accept the terms and conditions using the climbing gym. The Beta Climbing account is your personal account where your subscription and entry is linked. Here more information to get your membership and Beta Climbing account.


  • What is a Beta Climbing account?

To access the climbing gym, you need a Beta Climbing account. This account provides you a personal QR-code that you can charge with a subscription or entries. You use the QR-code to enter the climbing gym.


  • I’m new, can I climb at D-Summit?

Yes, you can. Everyone is welcome. But to ensure yours and others safety, you need to follow the below process:

  1. Create an account on the Beta Climbing application. Here more information on downloading the application and creating an account. (and please upload a photo of you)

  2. Proof of competence on site at D-Summit (Can be done on: Monday or Tuesday 16 pm - 10 pm).

  3. After the proof of competence you get immediately the validation of the online account and you can buy your membership 2024 + subscription or entrees.

  4. If you don’t know how to climb yet, you can book a course here.


  • I want to try climbing at D-Summit. Can I come climb without a membership?

Yes, you can visit D-Summit every 2nd Sunday of the month for an Open Day. Entrance will be 14 € per person or 10 € for kids below 12 years old.


  • I am already registered at D-Summit. Do I need to do a proof of competence to validate my Beta Climbing account?

No, that is not needed if you're affiliated with a climbing association.


  • I don't have a smart phone, can I still enter the gym?

Yes, you can. It is requiered to have an account on the BETA Climbing platform. You can also acces your account from the computer. In your account you'll find the passes with your personal QR-code. It is possible to print your personal QR-code and use that to enter the gym.


  • Will my subscription or entries from 2023 be also valid in 2024?

Yes, they will. We migrated from our old system to the Beta Climbing app. It is important that you use the same email address. So use the same email address when you make a new account on the Beta Climbing app. (Should your entry cards/subscription not show or please get in touch with info@d-summit.lu.)

  • When does my subscription start?

On the day you purchased your subscription. For example, you buy a subscription of 3 months on the 14th of February, your subscription is then valid until the 14th of May.

  • How do I get student discount?

If you’re older than 18, you have to prove that you’re a Student by sending us a student ID to info@d-summit.lu.

  • Can you climb at D-Summit if you’re not 18 years old?

If you’re 14 and over you can climb at the gym with the consent from a parent. Teens under this age can only participate in dedicated classes. The legal guardian of the teenager needs to sign the account. See below an example of the waiver that needs to be signed.


  • Is it possible to rent equipment?

Yes, only when the front desk is open or during the Open Days. 

  • I just want to belay my friend/child, is it possible to do that without paying an entry?

Yes, that is. You can request a free 'belay pass' via info@d-summit.lu.

  • Can I pay by card, cash or Payconiq at the front desk?

Yes, you can. But you can also buy your membercard and subscription or entrees online here.