Events 2020


25/2-28/2         Fermeture préparation compétition  

29/2                     D-Summit Open

1/3                       Compétition pour tous
13/4                     Fermeture de la salle

                               Lundi de Pâques

01/05                   Fermeture de la salle

                               Fête du travail

09/05                   Fermeture de la salle

09/05                   Journée de l'Europe

                               Fermeture de la salle

21/05                   Ascension

                               Fermeture de la salle

01/06                   Lundi de Pentecôte

                               Fermeture de la salle

13/03-08/06     Covid-19
                               Fermeture de la salle

14/06                   heure d'ouverture limitée


22/06                   OPEN

22/06 - 23/06   Fermeture de la salle

                               Fête nationale

01/08 - 23/08   Summer hours (partially closed)               

01/11                   Fermeture de la salle

                               La Toussaint

24/12 - 26/12   Fermeture de la salle


31/12 - 01/01   Fermeture de la salle

                               Nouvel An



Centre sportif René-Hartmann

Rue René Hartmann

L-3425 Dudelange


Phone: 00352 516 121 - 526

(during opening hours)

Email: info@d-summit.lu


summer hours (AUG 1-23)

mon-tue: 17h30 à 21h30

wed- sun: closed 


Bank connection:


LU64 0030 2685 8223 0000


The climbing gym D-Summit proposes an initiation course all over the year.
You only need to take an appointment with one of our supervisors.

You like to try out sports climbing and this under supervision with one of our supervisors, then please contact us for an appointment here for an initiation course.

Course build-up: warmup, information’s about the climbing wall,
first try to ascent the wall.

Timeframe: 1:00 hrs.

Requirements: min. age = 6yrs

Dress code: sporty

Note: This course doesn’t make you an independent climber, it’s only a first approach to sports climbing.


First courses start 04/01/2016 and end 26/03/2016 (school holydays not included).
(1st trimester = Full !)

2nd trimester starts 11/04/2016 and ends 26/06/2016
max 9 climbers per group (
we can only offer the courses if we have at least 4 registrations

Rates for the courses: 
150 € for 10 sessions
50% discount if you have a 6 months or 12 months membership.


Course - level 1
During the course the participants discover sports climbing in a playful way.
Through exercises and hints the participants can progress quickly.

Course build-up: Climbing in a playful way, security aspects in climbing,
exercises and games to improve your body sensation and motricity.
What do you need? Sportswear and drinks
Requirements: None


Course - level 2
Do you know the basics of climbing and you have a bit of technical skills?
Do you want to push your limits? The Key word is «efficiency» : positioning, Energy Management (stamina). Warm up, how to read a route, improve your physical skills, breath coorectly !

Requirements :

6 - 8 years
To register, you need to have passed course level 1 and be able to climb at least 2/3 of the beginners wall.

9 - 11 years
To register, you need to have passed course level 1 and be able to climb at least 5a

12 -   Adultes
To register, you need to have passed course level 1 and be able to climb at least 5c



Course registration.

The registration is done here:

Other courses in different levels will follow soon.