10.04 Lundi de Paques / Easter Monday

01.05 Fete du Travail / Laborday

09.05 Fete de l'Europe / Europe day

18.05 Ascension / Ascension

29.05 Lundi de Pentecote / Pentecost

23.06 Fete Nationale / National Day

15.08 Assomption / Assumption Day

01.11 La Toussaint / All Saints Day

24.12  Veille de Noël / Christmas Eve

25.12 Noël / Christmas

26.12 St Etienne / Christmas

31.12 St. Sylvestre / New Years Eve





Centre sportif René-Hartmann

Rue René Hartmann

(ancienne rue Nic. Biever)

L-3425 Dudelange



Tél.: 00352 516 121 - 526

(during opening hours)



D-Summit is a non-profit club and can only allow climbers that are affiliated to a climbing federation like FLERA, NKBV, DAV or FFME. This due to insurance reasons.

You can get at the gym a D-Summit membership. This membership is linked to FLERA memberships and therefore will cover you not only at the gym but also at the outdoor climbing site in Luxembourg. Next to that, the D-Summit membership will save 15% on entries, subscriptions, drinks and snacks. Memberships will be valid per calendar year (January - December).


Single Membership:

Family Card*:



*Family cards are only for a household of  up to 2 adults with a maximum of 4 children. 


Get your D-Summit membership and membership card at the front desk in the gym.