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Centre sportif René-Hartmann

Rue René Hartmann

(ancienne rue Nic. Biever)

L-3425 Dudelange



Tél.: 00352 516 121 - 526

(during opening hours)



To all the fellow D-Summit climbers, 


2020 is finally over and according to the latest announcement from our government (which should have been made public 2 weeks ago for businesses to prepare for the new guidelines) we could have technically reopened our doors Jan 11, but there were some inconveniences on our way. 


Not only did we lose income during the first Lockdown, but we also have not gotten any support/unemployment money from the government since November. D-Summit asbl is a climbing club and works with a voluntary board of members and two employees on a payroll.

This situation put us in a tight spot. Money is short and the only way for us to operate, is to postpone the wages of our staff. Thanks to the flexibility and willingness of our employees, we are able to reopen the Gym.

We are in this together, but we also think it's time to address our disapointment in how our government is handling small businsses and the way they communicate with the public.

Furthermore, are we loosing a lot of revenue between Nov-Feb, our financial most important months of the year.

If you like climbing at the D-Summit climbing Gym, consider supporting us by making a contribution.


DIGICASH (via phone only)


IBAN LU64 0030 2685 8223 0000


Thank you. 

Sincerely D-Summit Team